3:11 AM


First thing first, a brief introduction of myself is called for. I'm just an ordinary 19 yr old undergraduate student currently studying in Malaysia, and awaiting to transfer to the US of A for a major in Molecular Biology. After which, if opportunity arises, will either go on the path to get a Masters and PhD in Oncology Research, or go into Medicine, specializing in Pediatric Oncology.

I play the guitar and piano; I love to read; music is a must in my life (fav male artists include Show Luo and JJ Lin, if you don't know who they are, please do yourself justice and google them!) AND oh! I absolutely love to bake!

So why the blog? Well, I have to say, after watching Julie and Julia, I was inspired. And adding to the fact that I love to stalk read other bakers' blogs, I thought I'll start one myself.

A few of the recipes I will put up are my own, most are other people's (and I will do my best to always list down my sources), and for some weird and wonderful reason, I can never resist not tweaking with a recipe, so do forgive me. =)

So let the journey begin! Ikimashou!!