10:30 AM

New Year's Resolution(s)~~

In keeping with many people, I've set myself some goals for 2011.
Posting here would make it easier to motivate myself since I will review these goals by the end of the year here!
I have myself and this blog to answer to!

So here they are:
1) Eat healthily - Already started a pescetarian diet 3 months ago, my goal is to keep this up. And slowly shift to a full vegetarian, (if my family allows.. =/)

2) Keep this blog alive and well... trying new things on it each month.. target is to reach at least 50 recipes by 2012. (that's at an average of 4 1/6 recipes per month; very VERY manageable as long as I don't slack!)

3) Give More - Volunteer more at shelters. (Setting a mere target of twice per month.)

4) Join a yoga and dance class. 
5) Start swimming again. I need to find a suitable, clean pool around here. (Speaking of which, anyone knows any clean and safe pool in and around Klang or Shah Alam?)