4:23 PM


I'm absolutely addicted to MasterChef. First saw Junior MasterChef Australia on Astro. And it was just great.

You don't get the drama and falsity that you would be expected to get from the average reality TV shows.
The junior version is filled with encouragements.

It puts me to shame that these kids can cook so well, yet I know some adults who can barely fry an egg properly.

I can't wait for the next season of it to arrive sometime this year.

Then we move onto the adult, seemingly more matured, version of MasterChef.
I started off with the USA version, with Gordon Ramsay as one of the judges. As we all know, with Ramsay there, we can't go without swearing. And I have to say, MasterChef USA is a total rip-off.

It was a pure competition, with no coaching, not much guidance along the way. It says they were out to find "The Best Amateur Chef in the country"; well, possibly that's true. But weren't they supposed to be coached to become better chefs? To elevate to a different level?

Compare that to the Australia version, they are worlds apart.

The Australia version actually gives MasterClasses to the contestants, who were also sent to restaurants to gain work experience. They have more than just a mere handful of challenges.

And, I like the judges better.. =)

I'm only onto season 1; and I'm learning so much from it.